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;To achieve long term and lasting relief, therapists use a variety of techniques:
Neuromuscular Therapy : Therapeutic massage is probably the most ancient remedy for aches and pains. In general, it maximizes the speed of recovery and the prevention of future muscular skeletal injuries by deep specific manipulation of soft tissue. Massage releases the stiffness and thickening of muscles and connective tissue, making them pliable and thus freeing body movement. Blood flow is redistributed through the body's tissues, bringing with it life-giving oxygen and nutrients to tissues and carrying off cellular waste.
Swedish / Relaxation:  Soothing, relaxing total body techniques that relieves the tensions of day to day life. This therapy is symbolized by long smooth strokes.
Lymphatic Drainage:  Wonderful technique to  improve general health as it improves the overall lymph system functioning (coming down with a cold, the duration will be shortened).  Light technique reduces edema.  I am not bandaging certified, so do not do lymphdema patients from the start,  but will help with maintenance after you have been taught bandaging.
Cranio-Sacral Therapy:  Non - invasive massage technique designed to monitor and correct strain patterns of cerebral spinal fluid. From strokes to birth trauma this is the treatment of choice. Has been shown to help with migraines and chronic pain.  Bonnie is Techniques certified in Craniosacral Therapy by the Upledger Institute.
Manual Neuro Reorganization Facilitator: Had a stroke or closed head injury?  This technique gently assists the brain in regaining balance.  Although destroyed brain cells cannot be rebuilt, minor tensions that have been created, can be released.  You must be completely released by your physician before this technique can be done.
Somato-emotional Release:  Uses the power of the brain to eliminate problems that have been held in the body.   Wonderful non invasive way to face issues that have caused all of us to become the individuals that we are.   Wonderful for chronic pain issues. 
Heart Centered Therapy: Technique developed by Alaya Chikkly, LMT,  which uses visualization and spiritual connection to reduce pain and chronic illness.
Sports Massage:  Loosens, warms and readies the muscles before and after intensive use, especially when combined with stretching.   Helps prevent injury, improving performance and endurance in the long run.
Reflexology:(Foot Massage) - This therapy is based on the principle that "reflex points" on the hands and feet correspond to each organ, gland and structure in the body.   Works the entire body without the need to remove any clothes.
TMJEnhances normal positioning of the temporomanidibular joint.   Uses trigger point techniques to relax and eliminate abnormal rotation.
NER: Neuroenergy Release is a form of therapy that uses breath and hand placement to release tension throughout the body.  Developed by Don Kipp in Colorado, this therapy has become more popular in the past 5 years.
Myofascial Release: Gentle muscle stretching.   Muscles are held to release and relaxation.
Chair Massage: Fifteen minute upper body massage provided at various locations. Available to come to office locations in the area (discount opportunities based on number of people participating).  Chair massage can be done at my office or at your own location.  You need to supply nothing, I will bring all supplies.
Raindrop Therapy:  A method of applying essential oils applied on various locations of the body to bring it into structural and electrical alignment.   It has typically been used to help straighten spinal curvatures and to fight against viruses.   Based on the theory of raindrop therapy.
Ear Candling: Non invasive manner to remove ear wax.
Additional therapies:
Reiki (Master-Teacher)


Shen Therapy

Postural Analysis

Facial Massage or Ayurvedic Herb Facial Massage
The Holistic approach considers the whole person, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.   My goal is to encourage the clients self awareness, self reliance and treatment, wellness of the total person.   Working with the client, I will train and encourage in a variety of ways.
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