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Reiki: Learn more about yourself by acquiring additional knowledge about the body, mind and spirit.   Increase  awareness to help yourself and others.  Allows healing energy into your body and to those around you.  Reconnects you to the earth and all those around you.  Each level has an individual attunement connected with it.  How many attunements you choose to have is completely up to you and there is no time limit.  Many people are completely content to only experience and utilize only Reiki 1.  Some several years later will add Reiki 2.  This is all about your growth.  Enjoy.

Taught in four levels:
Reiki 1 - The physical body:  This attunement increases energy within your body or that of  your client, balancing the chakra system.

Reiki 2 - The emotional body:  This attunement works the body on an emotional level allowing emotions that have been trapped within your body to safely release.

Reiki 3 - The spiritual body:  This attunement strengthens your connection with your personal beliefs.  At this level you are considered to be a Reiki master.

Teacher / Master:  The final level is when you also want to teach.  At completion you are considered to be a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Breathing, Stretching, and Meditation: Learn non traditional methods of stretching and increasing flexibility.
Seminars: Available for group presentations on health and well being. Massage demonstrations for the home and office.
Somatics: Process of repatterning, dysfunctional body mechanics. Repatterning will increase the ease and flow of body movements, improving range of motion (ROM). Methods as taught by Thomas Hanna.
Business Consultations:
Qi-Gong Class
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